Bullet Bill


Names Billy =]

18 <3

Percied <3
Soon to be inked ;D <3

Bullet for my valentine are the obsession meeting them was one of the best parts of my life. just amazing.

I am a keen photographer and youll see alot of my work on here. I currently own Nikon d70s and focas on all kinds of photography.

Ashleigh Featherstone <3 tbh Words cannot honestly and totaly discribe this girl.. but to try and sum it up. Shes funny, shes cute, Shes just perfect. Shes never failed to cheer me up when ever im upset. Shes made me a better person, and has shown me the true me, I can be myself around her and not get embrassed at all. shes the best thing thats ever happend to me tbh <3

I Love you baby <3 2.6.11 <3

Bmx IS the one <3

Guitar, Drums, bass and keys <3

Tattoos <3
Percings <3
Photography <3

Thats basicly me in a little form of a post i guss. Want to know me? adds me on facebok or somthing :D <3 <3 <3

Fuck yes!! Cannot wait after 2 years waiting. Apart from Download @moosebullet #bfmv #gig #hyped

Fuck yes!! Cannot wait after 2 years waiting. Apart from Download @moosebullet #bfmv #gig #hyped

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